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Businesses in Docklands - September 2013

01 Sep 2013

New faces at NAB

NAB branch manager Lara-Jane Bell wants local residents and workers alike to get to know the friendly staff at Dockland’s original NAB branch.

With eight (out of nine) staff new to the 800 Bourke St branch since February, Ms Bell hopes anyone who hasn’t yet had the chance to meet the fresh new faces will pop in and say hello.

With over 50 years combined experience, there’s no doubt that the staff will be able to assist with any of your banking needs.

“The staff are innovative, young and passionate,” Ms Bell said.

“We’ve got staff who are highly trained and have plenty of experience in different aspects of banking including the home-buying process and shares process,” she said.

NAB Docklands is a one-stop shop, with staff and facilities available to assist with any banking needs or enquiries.

According to Ms Bell, in-store facilities make it easy for customers to be self-sufficient when they visit the bank.

Of course there are always plenty of helpful staff on-hand to help as well.

“We have a no turn-away policy,” Ms Bell said. “You’ll always be able to talk to someone.”

Ms Bell said the branch was focused on meeting the needs of customers at whatever phase of life they were at, from moving out of home, to having a baby, buying an investment property or retiring.

“We’re interested in what’s going on in your life now and also what your plans are for the next five to 10 years,” Ms Bell said.

According to Ms Bell, there’s always plenty going on at NAB Docklands, with campaigns constantly changing and in-store competitions running.

Currently the branch is running a Spring home loan campaign and there is also the chance to win an iPad.

Find out more about what NAB Docklands has to offer by visiting the branch at 800 Bourke St, located on the ground floor of NAB’s head office.


Get the healthy vibe

Matt and Mary Grantham are passionate about helping people achieve their health and fitness goals.

The mother and son team opened a Vibromania franchise in Docklands in 2008, offering a unique service to the growing residential and business community.

According to Mr Grantham, Docklands’ growing community was one of the key reasons they chose to open the franchise here.

“We had both been living in Docklands for about 18 months prior to opening the business and were excited by the prospect of becoming a part of the local business community,” Mr Grantham said.

While Mr Grantham no longer lives in Docklands, Ms Grantham is still a local resident.

Vibromania offers a range of services that target different aspects of health, fitness and wellbeing.

“Backed up by research, investigation and over 10 years experience, we have found that the training and treatment programs offered by Vibromania can achieve significant results for our clients,” Mr Grantham said.

Mr Grantham looks after the vibration training and altitude training aspects of the business.

He said vibration training was suitable for people of all ages and fitness levels and was an ideal way to tone, manage weight and relieve stress.

“A full body workout takes only 30 minutes, making it perfect for the time-poor corporate worker,” Mr Grantham said.

Altitude training is another of the unique services Vibromania offers.

According to Mr Grantham altitude training assists sports performance and fitness by improving oxygen flow to the muscles.

It can also help to minimise the effects of altitude sickness when travelling to high altitude areas.

Apart from fitness training, Vibromania also provides a range of other treatments.

Ms Grantham can assist with non-invasive cellulite and lymphatic drainage along with massage and injury management.

Ms Grantham performs negative pressure massage and said it helps reduce inflammation and stretches muscles and connective tissues to increase the range of motion.

Vibromania also has an infrared sauna, which can help to improve general wellbeing.

“Infrared heat penetrates the body, stimulating circulation and metabolism, strengthening the heart, improving cardiovascular fitness, detoxifying and cleansing the body as well as boosting the immune system and improving general wellbeing,” Ms Grantham said.

Vibromania offers a range of health, fitness and wellbeing services and Matt and Mary Grantham aim to help clients achieve results.

“We offer a one-to-one personalised service in a relaxed, welcoming environment,” Mr Grantham said.

Stop by Vibromania at Shop 9, 6 Waterview Walk or contact the studio on 9670 9543 to find out more about the services on offer.

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