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Businesses in Docklands - October 2014

02 Oct 2014

Dental care with a smile

Fear of visiting the dentist, or dentophobia, is not uncommon, but according to Pia Oparkcharoen, a trip to the dentist doesn’t have to be a scary experience.

Dr Oparkcharoen recently opened Docklands Dental Studio in Victoria Harbour and aims to make every patient’s visit as pleasant as possible.

“We like to make every patient feel comfortable and at home,” Dr Oparkcharoen said. “Visiting the dentist shouldn’t be scary.”

With a brightly decorated waiting room, pleasant music playing and friendly staff, Docklands Dental Studio aims to put visitors at ease from the moment they walk through the door.

A dentist for the past 15 years, Dr Oparkcharoen says to her dentistry is more than just a career.

“I want to do this job with passion.”

She’s now focused on providing high-quality dental care for Docklands residents and workers.

“I aim to become the local dentist for residents and workers,” Dr Oparkcharoen said.

Docklands Dental Studio is located in Merchant St and fills a gap in the services in the area, according to Dr Oparkcharoen.

“The strip here was quite good, with a doctor and a pharmacy, the one missing piece was a dentist and now we have that too,” she said.

Dr Oparkcharoen said the clinic was conveniently located close to many of Docklands’ corporate headquarters, making it easy to visit during lunchbreaks.

A simple online booking system also takes the hassle out of making an appointment, according to Dr Oparkcharoen.

Docklands Dental Studio offers a range of services including general dentistry, root canal treatment, children’s dentistry, periodontics, prosthodontics and tooth whitening.

The clinic is also family-friendly, offering bulk-billing for children aged between two and 17.

Docklands Dental Studio is located at 57 Merchant St. Visit or call 9021 9487 for more information.


Pampering for your car

With more than 12 years experience in the car wash industry, owner Naresh Kumar has built a reputation on putting special care into every vehicle.

While having only recently taken over the business six months ago, Mr Kumar said he had made it a priority to continue delivering outstanding service to the local area.

“The Carrera Car Wash here in South Melbourne has been operating for 20 years, so there is a very good history with the customers,” he said.

“This car wash is special because unlike a normal hand car wash, every car gets fresh soap instead of having a bucket full of soap in the morning until evening washing 100 cars.”

“Even after 10 cars the soap gets dirty and dust goes in there, which can scratch the cars as well.”

Mr Kumar said Carrera Car Wash uses a spray gun, which dispenses a fresh high-quality Belgian soap on each individual car.

Using tested and certified spray on cloths and hand polish products from its award-winning supplier, he said every car receives the best possible care without the use of harsh chemicals.

“The use of chemicals can harm the cars, whether it be the wheels or any part of the car including the interior,” he said.

“We also have a special triple interceptor, where we collect the soap before it goes into the drains, so it’s all very safe for the environment as well.”

Mr Kumar said all staff went through strict training, to ensure the highest level of professionalism was maintained.

“The team that is working here is very qualified in all aspects of what we do,” he said.

“We are sometimes dealing with $200,000 cars – everyone who works here has to be very well trained before they can go anywhere near a car so they know what they’re doing.”

While their cars are being detailed, customers can unwind at Carrera Car Wash’s cafe, which comes equipped with free Wi-Fi and even massage chairs.

While having only operated in the area for a short time, Naresh said he and his team had quickly established a great relationship with the locals.

“People are really very relaxed here and they really love their cars,” he said.

“They come, they give you keys, tell you stories and wait with no fuss!”

Carrera Car Wash is located at 160/164 Montague St, South Melbourne.

For more information visit


Putting the focus on people

For the team at Tolhurst Druce and Emmerson the focus is on people.

“We deal with day-to-day people, that’s the basis of our law firm and always has been,” partner Randall Bradshaw said.

Originally established under the name Tolhurst and Druce in 1896, the firm has a long history of providing legal services to Melburnians and Victorians.

Based in Bourke St, Tolhurst Druce and Emmerson offers a range of legal services, focused around the ethos of “working with individuals, families and business”.

Mr Bradshaw said the mid-sized firm was a rarity in the CBD in that it wasn’t focused on big commercial dealings, but rather the legal needs of everyday people.

“We’re people focused,” Mr Bradshaw said. “It’s unusual to find this kind of firm in the city.”

The firm’s four partners, Randall Bradshaw, Peter Weller, Paul Webster and David Phelan, lead teams who which specialise in different areas of law and offer a wide range of legal expertise.

The team at Tolhurst Druce and Emmerson provide legal services in wills, probate, estates and trusts, property law, family law, commercial and business law and litigation and dispute resolution services. The firm also provides notary services and immigration law expertise.

According to Mr Bradshaw, the firm has formed a strong connection with Docklands.

“We have a strong association with Docklands and have been a member of the Docklands Chamber of Commerce for around four years,” Mr Bradshaw said.

Mr Bradshaw said the firm’s location, at the corner of Bourke and Williams streets, made it convenient for local workers and residents seeking legal advice or services.

“We provide a range of expert, cost- effective and convenient legal services for people who live and work in Docklands,” Mr Bradshaw said. “We’re right on their doorstep”.

The firm is also part of the Law Network Australia, an association of medium-sized law firms.

Tolhurst Druce and Emmerson’s involvement with the network means its clients can be assured of recommended legal representation around Australia.

Most importantly, the firm prides itself on providing a level of service that commonly sees it recommended by clients.

“Most of our work comes from word of mouth,” Mr Bradshaw said. “People prefer to deal with someone who’s been recommended by family or friends.”

Tolhurst Emmerson and Druce is located at 520 Bourke St. Visit for more information.

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