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Business in Docklands July 2010

30 Jun 2010


Opening up Messini just six weeks ago, the charming Jimmy and Jacque Roussos are already making their mark on Docklands.

Located on the beautiful waterfront of the north-facing Victoria Harbour, Messini, with its tantalising modern-Mediterranean food, delicious lip-licking coffee and scrumptious cakes is already attracting many regulars.

Jimmy, who is Greek, and his wife Jacque, who is Lebanese, both have a passion for food that is akin to the enthusiasm of their motherlands, which shows not only in their food but in the smiling faces of their customers.

“Growing up in a Greek family food is the basis. It is what you socialise around. I tell all my staff that if you and I wouldn’t eat or drink it then it doesn’t get served,” Mr Roussos said.

The delightful couple, which have now owned four businesses in the past three years and currently own two, know what it takes to run a successful business.

“For some people they may only get 10 minutes to go out and grab a coffee, so you have got to make that 10 minutes the nicest 10 minutes of the day and have a chat, be friendly and serve them the best coffee possible,” Mr Roussos said.

Mr Roussos, who loves working in Docklands, said he finds everyone so nice, including his neighbouring eateries along Victoria Harbour.
“Were all friends, we all eat at each others places. They come here and we go there and if they run out of something they know they can come here and just get whatever they need,” he said.
Mr Roussos said he loved his new premises and was looking forward to the beautiful spring days.

“When I saw this location I fell in love with this joint – the area, the position and what I can visualise for the future,” he said.

With warm colours of red, maroon and gold, complemented by comfy cream booth  seating, Messini provides the perfect winter retreat. So next time you’re in Victoria Harbour drop into Messini for a coffee, cake or meal and enjoy the delectable food and Mediterranean hospitality.


For many people gym workouts mean hard work, little result and not much fun. But at the Icehouse Melina Simjanovic and her team will show you how you can have fun, get results and even have a skate in the process.

Ms Simjanovic, a former figure skater from Brisbane, ventured down to the cold south five weeks ago to take up the position of sports and fitness manager at the new gym.

“I see the position as a good opportunity to create and nurture a sports gym, but also combine my figure skating background with my degree in human movement studies,”
Ms Simjanovic said.

Located on the upper level of the Icehouse the intimate gym specialises in catering to small groups – making it even more appealing to those who don’t want to get caught in the crowd.

“The room can only cater to 10-15 people which makes it a nice environment to be in rather than being overwhelming. It also means that each group is like its own small personal training session,” she said.

With classes structured to cater to the personal needs of each client and give personal attention, Ms Simjanovic believes people will be more willing and able to prioritise their time for fitness.

“I think if it is fun, easy and enjoyable and if they are exercising with the same group each time they will be more motivated.”

One class that is sure to be fun, as well as set them apart from other gyms, will be a class that combines the gym with the ice skating rink.

“Half the class will be spent in the gym doing cardio or aerobic and then the other half will be on the ice,” Ms Simjanovic said.

Also setting itself apart from other fitness centres the Icehouse gym will have sports medicine practitioners and a nutritionist onsite.

“It will be a health and lifestyle pack, virtually a one-stop-shop,” she said.

The Icehouse gym will also soon be offering pilates, yoga, core stability and balance classes, boot camp classes and dance classes in a large ballet room which is set up down the corridor from the gym.

The gym, which opened three weeks ago, is currently offering general admission to the ice rink before all its classes start.

For more information on the new gym visit


After working in the hospitality business for the passed 30 years, in both India and Australia, the Koli brothers have now set their sights on Docklands.

With four restaurants already located around Victoria the three brothers are set to open their latest venture in Docklands’ NewQuay at the end of this month.

Having owned more than 10 businesses since moving to Australia from New Delhi 20 years ago, all of which are still successfully operating, the Koli brothers know what to look for when starting a new business.

“We looked at Docklands and thought it is huge, but it doesn’t have many places that serve Indian cuisine or fine dining Indian cuisine, which makes it an excellent market,” Gopal Koli said.

Having search Docklands for a premises for seven months, the Koli brothers are very happy with their location.

“The waterfront is the place were tourists, residents, workers and visitors come of a night and it also gets a lot of people who are gong to Etihad for events. It is the place to be seen.”

Growing up with a father in hospitality, the brothers have learned to provide the best service and food.

“We want to give locals personalised service. We have a great range of authentic Indian cuisine at reasonable prices and we have good selection of wines and beers with a lot of imported original Indian spirits,” Gopal Koli said.

The Kolis are looking forward to opening their business and repeating the success of their Geelong restaurant, which has been recommended by The Age’s Epicure section.

“I think Docklands has a big future. It may take a few years but, with new businesses moving here from the city and with new residents, it will be great,” Mr Koli said.

For more information on this new fully-licensed Docklands gem with its authentic spiced infused temptations visit


Are you suffering from a sports injury? Perhaps you have some back and neck pain or a posturer problem?

If this is the case then Peter Dolan, his wife Jenny Wood and their team at Pinnacle could be the answer to all your problems.

Opening in February this year, Pinnacle is a physiotherapy and allied health group located in the YMCA health club on the stadium concourse.

Specialising in physiotherapy, clinical pilates and massage therapy, Peter, Jenny and their team are enthusiastic about helping people overcome their injuries and pain.

“Our physios and massage therapist work hand-in-hand to help people and massage therapy is also really good for preventing injuries,” Mr Dolan said.

Mr Dolan, who with his wife owns three clinics across Melbourne, said he had owned clinics for the past eight years, since graduation, because he was passionate about
physiotherapy and liked being able to have the ability to control his work.

“I think most people get into physio because they want to help people,” Mr Dolan said.

Not only has physiotherapy fulfilled Mr Dolan’s passion to help people, but it has also dealt him the sweetest fate … his wife Jenny.

Peter and Jenny meet while studying at university and have shared their passion ever since.

“We meet at uni and then moved to Queensland were we set up a business and worked there for a while before coming back to Melbourne a few years ago,” Mr Dolan said.

Mr Dolan said Pinnacle also worked onsite with corporate companies providing consulting work, onsite physio and massage therapy.

For more information on Pinnacle visit or call 9600 3590.

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