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Business in Docklands - August 2011

02 Aug 2011

Sharing is caring

Do you need to get around during the day, but driving into work is a hassle? Or maybe you live in Docklands, and don’t need a car often enough to pay to own one. Paul Cummaudo has the perfect alternative.

Paul is the CEO of Green Share Car and has introduced his unique product into Docklands, where it is a perfect fit.

Paul’s Green Share Car is a newcomer in a new industry and, by utilising some amazing technology, the company will ensure they become popular sooner rather than later.

The basic premise of share cars is that individuals or companies become members of the program, receive a smart card and can then book a car at any time.

“Rather than get a cab, you can save a lot of money using one of our cars,” Paul explained.

Green Share Car has also set up the first casual pre-paid plan for share cars in Australia. It means you are not locked into a membership, so you’re only paying for what you use.

The latest gadgets and share cars go hand-in-hand and Paul has ensured that Green Share Car is at the forefront of the technology in Australia.

“Our iPhone app uses GPS and can tell you where our closest car is, plus you can book it right there on your phone,” he said.

There are also the obvious environmental advantages that share cars bring.

“Every share car on the road is equivalent of 15 cars off it,” Paul said.

With the company’s growth in Docklands (its car on Batman’s Hill Drive is already the most popular in Melbourne), we can hope that it will help with congestion at peak hour as well.

Paul knows share cars are only going to become more popular as the idea spreads across the city, saying: “Melbourne has approximately 150 share cars, while London has around 5000. There is room to grow here.”

If you want to be involved with this transport revolution, you can find out more about Green Share Car by visiting its website or give them a call on 1300 575 878.


A new phase for Robyn and Christine

Robyn Smith moved into Docklands more than two years ago and, within minutes, she was hooked.

“It’s the lifestyle here,” Robyn said, adding “It’s like living on holidays, all year round!”

After falling in love with the area, it was natural progression for her and business partner Christine Dalziel to begin operating their aged care placement and support service - NewPhase Consultancy – from Docklands.

Finding aged care can be a very difficult and stressful task for many families, so Robyn and Christine aim to make it easier.

NewPhase helps families deal with the assessment of loved ones, choosing the right aged care facility for them and will even keep an eye out for them in the facility, especially if you live too far away for regular visits.

“Aged care should be seen as the next phase of your life, not the end phase,” Robyn said, explaining how they came up with their business name.

It is obvious from talking to Robyn that she has a passion for aged care, and is moving the business into the advocacy side of aged care on top of what they already do.

“We want to make changes to aged care. We want to make improvements, with a fresh approach,” Robyn said.

It is this sense of responsibility that sets NewPhase Consultancy apart. Robyn and Christine want to make every stage of what is an emotionally-draining process as easy as possible.  

This is particularly helpful in Docklands as we are quite often time poor. “We will come and meet in your office – so that you don’t have to go out of your way,” Robyn said.

For NewPhase Consultancy, the most important thing is to take care of the loved one.

“Just look after your mum or dad, we’ll take care of the rest,” Robyn said.

For more information on NewPhase consultancy, call Robyn on 0435 739 829 or check out their website


Big boy's toy

Docklands’ Trikeman Alan Maxwell has a new toy and the big fella couldn’t be happier.

Alan and Joh Maxwell have operated from their Bourke St shopfront for less than a year, so the new addition to the trike fleet is a healthy sign of expansion.

According to Alan, the new OzTrike Chopper 4 Dominator goes like the proverbial-from-a-shovel, being fitted with a hot cam and dual Solex carbies.

“It’s a big boy’s toy,” he grinned. “The power to weight ratio is unbelievable. Listen to that motor.  It just throbs.”

The “Dominator” is the fourth trike in the fleet, which means the business can now take groups of 10 on a variety of courses and options.  The Maxwells also have a sister business Trikeman Billboards, which has three custom-built trailers for getting the most out of an advertising campaign.

The Victoria Point residents are well and truly committed to Docklands, with Joh also occupying an executive position on the Docklands Chamber of Commerce.

Considering that the winter months are less attractive to take an open air tour, Alan is very upbeat about the growth of the business.

“In July we’ve done tours five days of every week and we’ve got forward bookings up until Christmas,” he said.

“When you think back to this time last year, we were doing nothing.”

“We think we have got the tour ‘experience’ right now,” he said.  “From now on its all about just getting the word out there and increase our profile.”

“And we’ve still not had a grumpy customer.”

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