Pharmacy lands at The District

Pharmacy lands at The District

By Jack Hayes

In times of growing public health uncertainty, it is great peace of mind to know Docklands has a new avenue for expert medical advice and care.

Docklands City Pharmacy is the suburb’s newest full-service pharmacy open seven days a week, providing locals with excellent quality advice and affordable prices.

Nestled between Woolworths and MarketPlace Fresh as part of The District Docklands’ new $70 million Market Lane extension, Docklands City Pharmacy comes as welcome news for NewQuay locals.

Since opening in late March, which sadly aligned with Victoria’s staged COVID-19 lockdowns, Docklands City Pharmacy owner and pharmacist, Mr Lee, admitted timing wasn’t ideal but was optimistic about the future.

“Being located in a shopping centre means that we rely heavily on foot traffic for business,” Mr Lee said. “With the restrictions and people scared to venture out of their homes it has meant we’ve seen a significant fall in sales.”

“As a new business that has been really tough, but I’m sure we can get through this and start to build our reputation in Docklands.”

Docklands City Pharmacy has boosted several services to help meet the needs of locals throughout the lockdown period and into the future.

From providing blood pressure measures to ensuring customers are best equipped to adhere to their medication schedules, Mr Dong Jun and his team at Docklands City Pharmacy have worked tirelessly to cater to all Docklanders.

“We’ve added new services such as Webster-paks, which helps individuals who take multiple medications, to ensure they take the right dose at the right time. We are also an approved pharmacy by the National Diabetes Service Scheme (NDSS). When an individual has an NDSS card, they receive subsidised products such as blood glucose strips and needles for insulin,” he said.

“We also offer SMS and app reminder services that allow customers to order their medication remotely. All you need to do is confirm the order in the morning, and you can pick it up in the afternoon, and you are reminded every time you are due to take your medication, which is imperative for medication adherence.”

Additional services include simple compounding, faxed scripts from clinics including tele-health services, PharmacyID verification of identity, wound care advice, prescription storing and medication reviews.

After spending 10 years working in pharmacies both in regional and metropolitan areas, Mr Lee jumped at the opportunity to open his own store at The District Docklands •

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