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Docklands mums mix friendship with business

30 Aug 2016

Docklands mums mix friendship with business Image

For Docklands mums Andrea Diem and Ginna Gutierrez, joining the local mothers’ group was the start of both a beautiful friendship and a new business.

The pair met in 2014 when they were both first-time mums with young babies.

Coincidentally, both were originally from Colombia and bonded quickly – developing a firm friendship over the past two years.

“We need each other and we help each other,” Andrea said. “It’s all about community and that’s what I see here in Docklands.”

And, out of a supportive friendship between two mums, emerged a business idea targeting the market they know best – other mums.

The idea for the business emerged last year after Ginna travelled to Colombia and returned with a pram sleeping bag for her son.

“When I came home everyone started approaching me and asking me where I found it,” Ginna said.

“That’s how we met a lot of other mums in the area,” Andrea added. “People would approach us and ask about the sleeping bag.”

From the experience emerged Happy Roo – an online store selling Spanish children’s clothing brand TucTuc.

“Before we had children, we both worked full-time so, once we had children, we started thinking about how we could manage our working life with our family life,” Ginna said.

With Andrea’s background in marketing and Ginna’s background in finance, it was a perfect combination.

The online store was launched last month and Andrea’s daughter Ella and Ginna’s son Victor helped to post the first order.

“It was such a great idea because we were already spending so much time together and it would be wonderful to spend time with our children while we work,” Andrea said.

As well as establishing their own business, the pair has continued to keep in touch with their mothers’ group and organise regular catch-ups.

“We’re always happy to meet and welcome new mums too,” Andrea said.

The pair is also confident that a school will be built in Docklands before too long.

“Families once wanted a big house and a big backyard, but that’s changing,” Andrea said. “People want to be close to their work and don’t want to spend all day cleaning the house. Everything is shifting so we’re confident more families will be moving into the inner-city.”

According to Andrea, when she had her daughter many people asked whether she and her husband would continue to live in Docklands.

“I said of course, Docklands is my backyard,” Andrea said. “You don’t know what Docklands has to offer until you actually live here.”

Ginna agreed that Docklands was a great place to raise children.

“We love Docklands and love living here and now we have another baby on the way who is going to be a Docklander as well,” she said.


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